Dear Families,

Melony M. Brady-Shanley, Principal
Hartford Public High School
NAF Academy of Nursing and Health Science

The Hartford Public High School NAF Academy of Nursing and Health Sciences is growing each and every day. School selection is one of the most important choices that families and students will make prior to a child attending college. A student’s academic career at the Nursing Academy will include exposure to many healthcare career fields, internship experiences, academic studies, advisory and post-high school counseling. The academy prides itself on developing not only an academic student but a civically-minded young adult, providing experiences that will prepare them to give back to their community and support a rising Hartford. Students have multiple opportunities to serve, support and enrich our city through community service and internship experiences. Our Advisory Board, comprised of community and healthcare professionals, advises and develops unique curricular opportunities that align to our theme. Additionally, we believe it is important for students to have a strong “high school life” experience rich with extra-curricular activities, sports, and clubs. Students are strongly encouraged to join an activity that they will enjoy and master.

Students are instructed by an experienced staff that is trained in Universal Design for Learning. This philosophy of teaching allows all students to readily access the curriculum through purposeful teacher planning and instruction. Teachers design lessons with many entry points for students and encourage them to express their learning in a way that makes sense for their individual learning style. Teachers ensure that each lesson is differentiated to meet the diverse learning needs of our student population. Academic support is available daily to 100% of our students. Students also can access instructional support through our ELL, special education, Section 504, and tutoring programs.

In order to maintain a strong relationship with families, we provide parents opportunities to participate in Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), School Governance Council, and Parent/Teacher Conferences. Parents have the ability to track their child’s academic, behavioral referrals and attendance by using the Parent Portal. Parents also receive bi-weekly progress reports. A strong, transparent relationship with families helps us develop productive and strong students.

Over the coming years, our school will grow to thrive academically and civically. Through collaboration with all stakeholders, our school’s true potential will come through. This will only happen through hard work, effort and honest communication. I welcome the coming challenges and encourage all to partake actively in a child’s life as you are the ticket to ensuring that “all” students achieve.


Melony M. Brady-Shanley
Hartford Public High School

NAF Academy of Nursing and Health Science

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