At the Academy of Nursing and Health Sciences, we offer students numerous ways in which to complete their high school credit requirements. We offer several online programs that support student’s classroom instruction, as well as credit recovery and make up.

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Using Odysseyware’s challenging and extensive catalog of courses, students are able to take online courses to recover credits that may have been missed for various reasons. This opportunity gives many senior students the chance to graduate on time with their class. It also allows other students the ability to ‘catch up’ when struggling to attain credits in specific areas. Odysseyware offers a large variety of on line options including health care themed courses.  “Odysseyware's award-winning K-12 Core, Elective and CTE curriculum and instructional tools are utilized by thousands of schools and districts. Dynamic and customizable, Odysseyware provides administrators, teachers and students with powerful and flexible learning solutions that can be utilized in a myriad of instructional settings.”

Acellus is an on line program that assists students with an interactive learning system, video based lessons, and personalized programming to support their needs. The courses are customizable to meet the needs of all students and can be monitored by teacher, parent, and the student.

IXL is a technology based on line practice platform that students use at the academy to support their math needs. This program allows teachers to combine traditional classroom instruction with on line learning. IXL states that they “create and support the best technology possible” , making learning more effective.

ALEKS Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces is a “web based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system.” This program is provided for our senior students to enhance their math capabilities and prepare them for college math at the post-secondary level.

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