Special Education Services are provided to nearly 100 identified students. These students are enrolled in general education classes with support from the special education staff using a continuum model of services. The model includes small group instruction, resource room and support facilitation to students within the academic setting. In small group instruction, nearly 20 students are enrolled in self-contained classes focusing on intensive academic instruction and transition skills. The resource room provides assistance to a student who may need a short-term intervention to succeed in a particular class or to master a particular skill. Finally, supported facilitation lends itself to an academic subject that incorporates differentiation instruction. All 100 students have Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) developed by them, their parents, teachers and support staff. These IEPs focus on needed skills for literacy, numeracy, behavior, and post-high school education/training, employment and community life. A concerted Academy-wide effort is now underway to ensure quality instruction enhanced by universal design learning (UDL) principles. This effort will see special education services become more inclusive as a support base within general education classes and NAF themed courses.

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